One-to-one coaching sessions are available at the Edgbaston Cricket Centre. There is access to resident ECB qualified coaches who will take these sessions.

This applies during the winter months from October through to the end of March when available and  is not being used by our professional squads.

Most bookings are on weekday evenings from 5pm but there will also be some availability during the day.

There is less availability during the summer due to restricted opening hours with cricketers playing, training or being coached outside. Summer one-to-ones will be available during the daytime through the half term and also summer holidays depending on coaches availability and venue space.

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Our one-to-one sessions are geared for any cricketer from the age of 12 looking to improve any aspect of their game. It might be someone who is looking to get into a county age group squad or a club player who wants to improve.

The coaches will have access to a bowling machine where you will be able to work on fine tuning your batting technique, but it is up to you however you want to use the session.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time and check in to the reception in the Edgbaston Cricket Centre. There is a viewing gallery on the second floor if parents or guests want to come and watch. There will be dressing room and shower facilities available.

The coaching is normally an hour long and are charged at £45 per hour. This fee has to be paid when the booking is placed.

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Or contact the Edgbaston Cricket Centre on 0121 446 3633 or email