Fine Dining Menu revealed for 6th July

Fine Dining Menu Revealed for 6th July

With only a week to go until the launch of the new Edgbaston fine dining restaurant, Elegant Eat, Dave Hill and his team of Chefs have unveiled a snap shot of the fantastic 5 course taster menu that will be wowing guests at the launch night on 6th July.

Dave and this team are keen to keep the menu as secret as possible but below is a rundown of the flavours you and your guests will encounter.




Chocolate cherry


About the Menu

Each dish is designed to take you on a culinary journey showcasing the skills and talent of Dave and his team, set to the backdrop of our iconic Test Match stadium.

Head Chef Dave Hill said ‘I am so proud of the composition and seasonality of the menu that the chefs have put together. The style and quality of the menu reflects our standards and passion for food, underlining that we are much more than just a cricket stadium but a culinary destination in our own right.

Tom Helliwell, one of the Chefs who has developed the menu explains the ideas behind the different dishes.

‘Our inspiration is taken from some of the classic dishes we have perfected over the years but have never been able to showcase to the wider public as the dishes have always been used at cricketing events.

The menu is full of seasonality and the month of July is a fantastic month for fresh products and sweet flavours such as cherries and Strawberries.

As a group of chefs we love to put interesting flavours together and experimenting with them. Within this menu we are particularly proud of the crab, watermelon and horseradish combinations!

Myself and the team are delighted with the overall menu and the fact that each dish brings its own element, whilst complimenting the next’.

Join Us

If you would like to come along and experience Dave, Tom and the rest of the team’s fabulous menu, please make your reservation by emailing or call 0121 446 3610.

We look forward to seining you soon.

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