Women's One-Day
Mon 27 May, 11:00

Edgbastton Community Sports Ground

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Warwickshire CCC

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Surrey Women

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Women's One-Day Cup Report: Surrey Women vs Warwickshire Women

It was the win Warwickshire so badly needed today as they faced Surrey Women at home, the Edgbaston Foundation Sports Ground, and whilst the weather may have affected play it didn’t seem to matter when the Bears stepped up to bat. A couple of changes to the team who faced Hampshire yesterday (Sunday 26th May) meant Warwickshire were fighting back with vengeance to seal their victory.

The penultimate match of the one-day season had a mixed start as rain delayed play and Surrey won the toss, electing to bat first with the outer fields still damp from the inconsistent showers. They got off to a rocky start, losing their first wicket, Kirsty White (0), in the third over to Issy Wong with an outstanding catch from Bethan Ellis in the slips.

At 15-1, Bryony Smith and Aylish Cranstone punished the Bears for their early wicket creating a 66-run partnership from 73 balls. It wasn’t until the 14th over that another wicket fell and Cranstone was out for 30 (46) bringing England’s Nat Sciver to the crease but it was short lived as Sciver retired early for 11 (24).

The batting hopes of Surrey rested on Smith but even she ultimately fell to Anisha Patel (10-0-44-2), caught behind on 46 (45) by Amy Jones in the 20th over. From there the wickets ticked by falling on 171, 176 and 187, thanks to some great fielding from Thea Brookes and bowling Liz Russell (10-0-46-2) up to 195 when the right-arm fast bowling of Wong (5.5-0-35-2) took the fatal blow of Danielle Gregory.

Going into bat Warwickshire had a formidable target to chase. But it didn’t seem to be a problem for opening pair Jones and Kelly as they stepped up to the challenge.

Getting to fifty in 8.3 overs in 31 minutes with ten fours the stage was set and after the Bears last games’ it seemed too good to be true. The streak continued as the pair passed the century in 15.5 overs due to some poor fielding from Surrey and incredible batting.

At the halfway point Jones and Kelly were still going strong, looking unbreakable for 160, until three balls into the 25th over saw the wicket fall that Surrey so desperately required. The captain Kelly was out for 59 from 70 with eight fours’ bringing in Gwenan Davies (2) who fell in the next over.

Another wicket came and went for Warwickshire, but England Women’s Jones was the constant, securing the runs. Despite the bowling efforts of Surrey captain Hannah Jones (10-0-70-1), Beth Kerins (4-0-28-1) and Eva Gray (8-0-40-1), Jones and Kathryn Bryce pushed the Bears closer and closer to the target when a four hit by Bryce (8) sailed across the boundary to score the first win of the season for Warwickshire, much to the delight of Bears supporters at Portland Road.

A spectacular performance at the bat from Jones saw her finish the game with 101 runs, not out, from 96 balls including 15 fours’, the first player century for the Bears this season.

After losing the last five matches in their One-Day Cup pursuit, Warwickshire were aching for the victory after coming agonisingly close on multiple occasions. Winning by seven wickets, the Bears will be going in on a high to their next game, the last in the one-day season. Facing Lancashire at home on Portland Road next Sunday, Warwickshire will be hoping to end this season with another win.

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