We spoke with Ed McCabe, former General Manager of the Warwickshire Cricket Board about his move into the Foundation as Head of Recreational Cricket and Operations.

We asked Ed to outline his thoughts on what the new charity means for cricket clubs in the county.

Firstly we spoke to Ed on his thoughts around the new structure and what it means for clubs within Warwickshire.

He said “the new structure will not affect our levels of support for cricket clubs initially. Our Clubs’ Team, led by Andy Wyles, will continue to provide their best efforts to support and lead cricket clubs in their development.”

“In time, our new structure should support an uplift in our resources which will lead to greater support for affiliated clubs. Affiliation, will, of course, now be to a new organisation and we will shortly be writing to clubs formally about that change.”

Ed followed by stating “through becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (the type of charity we are), it means we are better placed to  grow our income through charitable means to help more school kids, community groups get a taste of cricket and then join cricket clubs.”

“We will be accepting donations and gain funding from grant organisations, commercial and charitable bodies. So, basically, we are seeking to grow our endeavours so we can get more people playing cricket. Extra funding is vital for creating opportunities where there may be barriers.”

Ed finished by sharing his excitement about the future of the Warwickshire Cricket Foundation “It’s exciting to see the development of new structures which will lead to more kids, and indeed people of all ages, playing cricket.”

“We are also moving into a space of seeking to understand how cricket can positively affect people’s lives and capture that good news through more meaningful levels of analysis and project evaluation.”

“We know cricket holds great power. It’s very exciting being able to unleash that power to spread Cricket to more people.”

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