To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Warwickshire Cricket Foundation wanted to showcase the benefits of sport through the experiences of those who have never engaged before.

Sport and physical activity are positively linked to a healthier mind, however over half of women are not exercising as much as they should. With 89% of young females aged 7-21 feeling anxious or worried, compared to 78% in 2016; being active could not be more important.

We held Cricket sessions across the day yesterday to celebrate International Women’s Day; throughout the article, you can read about the experiences of some of the participants.

“It was so much fun to play, and I felt exhilarated after the session, such a good stress relief!! I was so inspired by the coaching session, and it reminded me that we can do anything we put our minds to especially when I push myself out of my comfort zone. The more I learn about cricket, the more I love it, and would encourage others to try it out!”

Jade Lester

To further highlight the work undertaken by the team across the Women’s and Girls’ game, it is important we reach out to those who do not typically engage in sport or physical activity. As the amount of Cricket played at clubs and out in the community increases, we want to show that cricket is a game for everyone.

We delivered Cricket sessions to some of our friends at the Foundation. These people support everything we do, and what better occasion to give them an opportunity to try Cricket! Each of the women took part in a number of coaching sessions to see how their Cricketing confidence would grow. Read what was said about the day below.

“I’d absolutely recommend any female to give cricket a go!! It was such a positive experience, no  expectations, just the ability for some stress relief and fun. I loved it that much I got my other colleagues involved and would really love to continue playing when I can.”

Angela Sanders

“The session was full of laughter and about 100 green balls scattered across the MUGA. I came away from the session understanding a little more about batting and so much more about the fact it is a fantastic way to increase your wellbeing. I will definitely have another go!”

Sajda Butt

Thanks to everyone who participated, Happy International Women’s Day!