The Warwickshire Cricket Foundation is a charity set up in January 2024, following the merger of the Edgbaston Foundation and the Warwickshire Cricket Board.

We’re the charity of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, working in partnership with the professional club to promote cricket as an inclusive sport. We manage all the community activities for the iconic Edgbaston Stadium and we drive all the outreach for the club’s award winning EDI plan, Edgbaston for Everyone.

We are funded by a range of charities, including the England and Wales Cricket Board Charitable Trust, Chance to Shine, Lord Taverners, ACE, United by 22 (the Birmingham 22 Commonwealth legacy charity) and the MCC.

We have a partnership with Sandwell College to deliver BTECs and we fundraise directly at matches and apply to charitable foundations and seek sponsorship in order to maintain and grow our impact.