Bear & Ragged Staff Wall

The Bear & Ragged Staff Wall is a chance to recognise you and your family and all the cherished memories in a lasting way by giving you the opportunity to purchase a personalised granite stone.

Each stone pays a lasting tribute to those for whom Edgbaston was a special place and who were equally as special to Edgbaston.

By purchasing a stone you will  be helping support the work of the Edgbaston Foundation in the community.

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“It was a great idea getting a stone in memory of my mum on the Bear & Ragged Staff wall at Edgbaston. We are really pleased with it and remember her every time we step foot inside the ground.”

Dominic Wong

Bear & Ragged Staff Wall purchaser

Purchase a Stone


Small Stone – 200mm x 100mm

Costing £115, you will get a granite stone with 2 lines of text (14 characters per line)


Large Stone – 200mm x 200mm

Costing £225, you will get a granite stone with the Bear & Ragged Staff logo and 3 lines of text (14 characters per line)


Premium Stone – 400mm x 400mm

Costing £1000, you will get a granite stone with the Bear & Ragged Staff logo and 3 lines of text (20 characters per line)

FAQs: Bear & Ragged Staff Wall

What is The Bear and the Ragged Staff Wall?

The Bear and the Ragged Staff Wall is a wall of personalised, engraved granite stones set at the front entrance of Edgbaston Stadium. It is a celebration of the Club, players, managers and our supporters.

Why was it created?

To provide supporters with the opportunity to have a permanent place in Edgbaston history by creating a lasting tribute to all the players and fans, past and present, that have made Warwickshire County Cricket Club the team we love. At the same time, The Bear and the Ragged Staff Wall will enhance the look of Edgbaston Stadium and create a lasting feature that will define Warwickshire County Cricket Club and its supporters.

When are the stones being installed?

The Bear and the Ragged Staff Wall scheme has been sold across 3 sized stones and as part of a patterned design. As a result, not all stones are installed in order of purchase.
The stones are installed periodically when a certain number of stones have been purchased. You will be notified of the installation date via email after your purchase. You will find the next installation date on

When will I receive my replica?

Replica stones will be engraved at the same time as your stone is being installed at the Edgbaston Stadium. Whilst we cannot give or confirm a specific delivery date at the point of order, they will be sent to you in due course.

How will I receive my replica stone(s)?

Replica stones will be delivered to Edgbaston Stadium. You will be contacted to make arrangements to receive your replica stone(s).

Are the letters painted on top of the stone?

The letters are engraved into the surface of the granite stone to make the lettering more hardwearing.

How long will my stone remain in its location?

We guarantee that the stones will be in the location for a minimum of 10 years. This is the minimum period, however, we have every reason to believe that they will be there for many more years to come.

Can I choose my location?

The location of your stone cannot be chosen. The stones will be installed on a first come – first installed basis.

Do I need a ticket to view the stones?

A ticket is not needed. The stone will be located at the front of Edgbaston Stadium on an exterior wall outside main reception. This area is readily accessible to the public except for Major Matchdays where access is restricted. We advise that you do not come to view your stone on a Major Matchday.