Charitable Requests

Our aim is to support as many worthy causes as possible, the club/foundation will accept requests for memorabilia from charities and other 3rd sector organizations. Unfortunately, demand is limited by scarcity and due to the volume of requests received are only able to support causes within the Warwickshire area and West Midlands where possible.

With the desire to support as many worthy causes as possible we will diversify our support with consistent support limited to our charity partners. We will not support charities with political affiliations and charities with fundamentals that do not have an ethos of benefiting society at large.

If you’d like to make a charitable request please email us and provide as much detail as possible including the date of event, your intent for the item and allow a minimum of 4 weeks for a response. Requests that don’t meet these requirements may not be successful.

Requests can be sent to

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