Breaking down barriers to getting active

Reducing sedentary levels and getting kids active is a grave modern-day challenge. Lack of equipment is a contributing factor which the initiative tackles by putting the right sports equipment into the hands of young people.

The initiative makes a conscious effort to ensure disadvantaged children are getting opportunities to play. To date over 3000 children now have had the opportunity to try their hand at cricket and increase their activity levels.



Only 20% of primary school children meet the minimum guidelines for physical activity.



To date over 3000 children now have the opportunity to play cricket and become active.


10 miles

Edgbaston Foundation have been able to achieve a reach of 10 miles from Edgbaston.

WMCA plays it’s part

Our 2020/21 Bat Giveaway is being supported by West Midlands Combined Authority and also helping to launch the Mayor’s Giving Initiative, enabling us to gift 1,000 young people with their own bats.

The initiative encourages businesses to continually support local charities, community groups and good causes across the region. As part of the launch we joined Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands, and 4 community groups for a virtual giveaway.

In 2019, Andy Street joined the Edgbaston Foundation to distribute bats in a primary school to celebrate the first Mayor’s Giving Day. In previous years we have also been joined by Edgbaston MP, Preet Gill.

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