Warwickshire Cricket Foundation are passionate about giving children the opportunity to take part in cricket in primary education settings. We deliver bespoke curriculum sessions that allow a high number of children the opportunity to learn the basic skills associated with cricket in a fun and safe environment. We also look to promote positive physical and mental well-being, as we understand the benefits that cricket can provide young people.

We are fantastically supported by our partners Chance to Shine. You can find out information about the work of WCF in Primary schools below and what programmes your school may be eligible for.

Our school programmes are an excellent way to begin young people’s involvement in cricket, and we see many children join their local cricket club or community setting at the end of their school programme.

Chris Kenny

Chris Kenny

Schools Cricket Development Manager

Whole School Programme

A WCF Whole School Programme (WSP) delivers coaching once a week for six weeks throughout a single half-term. All sessions are taught following a cricket curriculum.

A WSP can be a morning or afternoon session with three targeted sessions, or it can be all day with 5 hours of coaching to five separate classes. An assembly and after-school club can also be offered. The course is led by Warwickshire Cricket Foundation coaches who are all fully qualified and have undertaken necessary employment checks.

Engagement Days

A WCF Engagement Day (ED) is an one off, full-day visit to your school during which we will:

  • Provide a full day of coaching including 4 lessons run as fun cricket taster sessions
  • Deliver an assembly
  • Provide lunchtime supervision
  • Deliver an afterschool teacher CPD session

If you’d like to know if an engagement day is available for your school, please contact  Chris Kenny.



WCF also offers a variety of school packages that include additional cricket coaching in schools. These packages range from termly coaching offers to single day visits. We also have after school clubs available. Contact Chris Kenny for further information.



Whole School Programmes delivered


Engagement days delivered


Children inspired to play cricket by WCF coaches

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