The Warwickshire Cricket Foundation seeks to provide all children the chance to play, learn, and develop through cricket.

Our coaches use cricket to teach children valuable life skills that will benefit them beyond the playground. WCF taught cricket to 30,000 children in 2023, and we intend to raise this number even further.

The goal is to promote connections between primary and secondary schools and their local cricket clubs. Our fully qualified coaches provide cricket lessons and officiate matches in schools, deliver teacher CPD, and encourage children to participate in local cricket clubs.


Warwickshire Cricket Foundation has three different programme offers for primary schools. Click here to find out more information. Throughout the sessions, coaches use cricket to teach children valuable life skills such as communication, empathy, and respect. The Chance to Shine Portal is a great place for teachers to find free digital resources including session plans, videos, and tips to deliver primary school cricket lessons.

Warwickshire Cricket Foundation also provide tailored coaching packages to schools. Please contact for more information.


Warwickshire Cricket Foundation has two different programme offers for secondary school girls. Click here to find out more information. Both are designed to create opportunities for teenage girls to play cricket and to support them in developing leadership skills through cricket. WCF runs Secondary School Competitions for both boys and girls.

The focus of secondary school cricket focuses mainly on promoting participation and giving state school children regular competitive cricket. Please contact for more information.


The Warwickshire Cricket Foundation’s Disability Programme is delivered in partnership with the Lord’s Taverners. WCF aims to positively impact the lives of young people facing the challenges of inequality. Funding and equipment are fully provided for softball and table cricket sessions in schools. Find out more about the SEND cricket programme.

If you require anymore information about SEND cricket, please contact Rob Eynon.