As a partner of Chance to Shine, WCF delivers programmes within schools to Secondary school children. You can find out information about the work of WCF within Secondary schools below and what programmes your school may be eligible for.

Secondary School Girls Leadership

Each academic year, six schools are selected to provide girls from disadvantaged communities with a different perspective on cricket. The programme offers six curriculum-focused sessions, six weeks of after-school support, competition possibilities, and opportunities to help their local community.

Each school also has the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, such as running warm-ups, scoring, umpiring, and leading sessions, with the assistance of WCF staff members.

Proof of Concept

Warwickshire Cricket Foundation work with the ECB to help schools develop a girls-only cricket programme. Schools are eligible for two days of curriculum-focused sessions, along with an after-school club to provide opportunities to those who are interested in cricket and not able to commute or commit to a cricket club nearby.

Schools that participate in this programme can enter Chance to Compete and Glow in the Dark competitions as a reward and to further develop their cricket interests.

Street Engagement Days

To help promote WCF Street Venues, we offer Street Engagement Days in schools to highlight the benefits of street cricket. We focus on locations that lack cricket activities outside of school, or disadvantaged communities where people may be unable to commit to joining a cricket club but would prefer a casual option to continue playing cricket. Street Engagements Days are delivered by a WCF coach in a single day.

Secondary School Competitions

WCF’s secondary competitions are open to all schools in Warwickshire. We offer many competitive opportunities to schools in both winter and summer months.

Click here to learn more about the different competitions available.



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