Ground Guide: Where To Sit

Are you planning to attend a fixture at Edgbaston and unsure where is the right place to sit for you?

At Edgbaston, we want to deliver an exceptional matchday experience for all. Whether is it a family day at the cricket or a night out with friends, there is an experience for you.

Below is our ground guide, highlighting the experience you can expect withing different stands around the venue.



Drayton Manor Family Stand (Families)

Blocks: 1 - 3
Capacity: 1,390

Fantastic area for those attending the cricket as a family and wish to do so in a safe and relaxing environment. It is located near the Edgbaston Beach, offering a wide variety of food and drink options.

These are also our best value tickets.

We understand parents may want to relax and have a drink so therefore alcohol is allowed, however our experienced stewards will monitor consumption.


Eric Hollies Stand (Party Stand)

Blocks: 21 - 30
Capacity: 5,945

The world-renowned Eric Hollies Stand is the area that gives Edgbaston its famous atmosphere. Perfect for groups of friends and for those planning to go in fancy dress.

This is our party stand.


RES Wyatt (Cricket Lovers)

Blocks: 9 - 15
Capacity: 4,463

This is the more traditional cricket lovers stand which has great views behind the bowler’s arm. This is located near our Edgbaston Market, offering an array of food and drink options.


Skyline Terrace (Premium Seating)

Blocks: 431 - 438
Capacity: 788

Premium seating located on the fourth floor of our South Stand, it offers some of the best seats in the house with elevated views of play and the Birmingham city skyline. Private bar, food and toilet facilities available.

Sit back and watch the cricket in style.


Raglan (Best Value)

Blocks: 4 - 8
Capacity: 2,083

Some of the best value tickets Edgbaston has to offer with fantastic views of the pitch. It is located near the Edgbaston Beach, offering a wide variety of food and drink options (and deck chairs too).


South Lower (Cricket Lovers)

Blocks: 31 - 38
Capacity: 2,132

Offers a ground-level view of the action from behind the bowler’s arm., very similar to the RES Wyatt Stand but in our new South Stand. This stand has easy access to our concourse area where food, drink and toilet facilities will be nearby.


West Lower (All-Rounder)

Blocks: 37 - 39
Capacity: 1,647

Lower level viewing, with great views. This stand is located directly behind the Exhibition Hall, which will be a hub of activity on Major Match Days. Food, drink and toilet facilities will be close by.


West Upper (All-Rounder)

Blocks: 240 - 242
Capacity: 2,086

Great value tickets offering panoramic views of the action. This is located on the upper tier of the stand, with access to the Level 1 Lobby, with food, drink and toilet facilities.


Tom Dollery Members Lounge (Members Area)

Blocks: 231 - 234
Capacity: 553

Warwickshire Members area. Available to non-Members on Major Match Days, with access to the Tom Dollery Lounge – serving food and drink and toilet facilities – and indoor seating.


If you need any further help before you purchase tickets or visit Edgbaston, please contact us on or call 0121 369 1994 (opt 1).

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