How do I demonstrate that I have had both vaccinations?

30 June 2021

The NHS App will allow individuals to demonstrate their COVID-19 status.

You can do this by downloading the NHS App to your smartphone. Please note that this is different from the NHS COVID-19 App which is used for Test and Trace.

The NHS COVID Pass is available within the NHS App and is the UK’s Government’s preferred method for demonstrating your COVID status at Events Research Programme events as it is helping them to test their processes for the return of large crowds.

It will allow you to provide evidence of your status quickly by showing your phone to stewards as you enter the stadium.

The NHS App is available to those registered with a GP in England (aged 16 and over). If you are resident in Scotland or Wales, you can also access your vaccination status. Visitors from Northern Ireland or another country can show a negative Lateral Flow Test to gain entry.

To get information on the NHS COVID Pass and how you can have it ready in time for your visit, please follow the link here.