Vitality Blast Ticket Purchasers

3 May 2020

All Birmingham Bears Season Pass holders and Vitality Blast group game ticket holders have the option to keep the value of their tickets to use as a credit to use on a future match(es) or to obtain a refund.

By choosing a credit, you have the option to use the value of your tickets to secure priority access to domestic fixtures at the best available price in 2021.

If you would like to claim a credit for the value of your tickets, you do not need to take any action and the amount will appear automatically in your online account in September.

To claim a refund on the value of your 2020 Vitality Blast group game tickets, simply complete the online form before midnight on Wednesday 26 August. Refund form will be sent via email to all buyers. Please do take the time to double check that all details are correct as it will impact your refund process.

All refunds will be processed before the end of September.

Please note that should Edgbaston secure approval from the Government to allow spectators into any of this year’s Vitality Blast group games, as part of the sports spectator pilot programme, priority will given initially to 2020 Warwickshire members who have donated their annual subscription. There will be a subsequent process for Season Pass holders and 2020 ticket purchasers.