Why are those who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable being asked not to attend?

25 May 2021

The Event Research Programme guidelines for this event states participants should not attend if they are under 16, Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, living with someone who is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, or pregnant.

These pilots are the first steps to helping all members of the public safely back to mass events. While they were designed to be as inclusive as possible, we have been advised that it would not be suitable on health grounds for the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable to attend such pilot events and potentially be put at greater risk of transmission.

The Events Research Programme has been developed under a Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) framework in line with the latest Public Health England and Department of Health and Social Care guidance.

Those considered to be Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, live with someone Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, are pregnant, or under 16 are advised not to attend the pilot events as this Test match will be testing non-social distancing and the safety risk associated with the relaxation of NPIs (Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions). The Science Board has agreed that given the nature of the pilot programme it would not be possible to permit those high-risk categories to safely participate.