Interview with Elegant Eat chef Tom Helliwell

Ahead of the February sitting of Elegant Eat, we grilled chef Tom Helliwell to get the inside scoop on the highlights from our forthcoming fine dining menu. Tom has been an instrumental in assembling this melody of flavours. We sat down with Tom to get the lowdown on what to expect this time.

Tell us about the new menu, what’s the concept/theme of the evening and what makes this edition of elegant eat different from the last one?

Our next sitting is in early February, so there is a temptation to create a Valentine's menu, but we’ve stayed away from all of that and created a really great seasonal menu. This menu will focus around parsnips, leeks and other roots. It’s a warming menu with cinnamon and ginger tones. Talk us through the menu in a bit more detail, what’s up first? Without wanting to give too much of the surprise away, we’ve got a pretty special amuse-bouche to start and then we’ll be serving Chicken and Waffle, which is a modern take on chicken liver served with onion jam, ice-cream and a pecan crumbs. It sounds a bit weird, but it really works.

"We’re creating is a Fossilised Parsnip, for which we will create a caramelised curry parsnip purée, housed inside a crunchy outer casing."

Tom Helliwell

Are there any unique flavours or specially sourced ingredients in this edition of Elegant Eat?

Our main course is “Well Done Beef”, which will showcase some really interesting visual tricks on classic dish. One of the elements we’re creating is a Fossilised Parsnip, for which we will create a caramelised curry parsnip purée, housed inside a crunchy outer casing. I’m not going to say too much more about it, but there will be a few other surprises in the dish as well.

What is your favourite course and why?

I’ll be making the Well Done Beef on the evening, so that’s definitely my favourite course, but fish course is also pretty special. We’ve created a Fish Nugget made from smoked haddock and creme fraiche milk gel, with pickled mustard seeds and curried mango. It’s very similar to a Fish and Chip curry sauce recipe, but obviously with a fine dining twist.

What course do you think will be the most memorable course of the evening?

Without a doubt the Beef will be the star of the show, but don't take my word for it, come down and taste it for yourself.

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