Birmingham Bears all-rounder Ateeq Javid has been appointed as an ambassador and mentor for the club’s community and youth cricket programme.

Ateeq (24) will take a leading role in coaching and supporting local youngsters in cricket, particularly through Warwickshire Cricket Board’s Chance to Shine Street programme, which involves more than 300 children and young adults across inner-city communities where there is a lack of green space and opportunity for sport.

Having played his first cricket for Warwickshire at the under 10s age group and progressing through Development of Excellence programme to join the professional ranks, Ateeq is keen to help others through cricket.

“Cricket has played a key role in my life,” said Ateeq. “The opportunity to play the game not only kept me well away from trouble, but helped me appreciate being part of a team and developed my leadership skills.

“Using my experience to support the community work of the club and Warwickshire Cricket Board is a fantastic opportunity. I’m look forward to working with the many coaches and support staff during this upcoming close season.”

Eaton Gordon, Cricket Development Officer, says “Ateeq is always enthusiastic about helping children play more and to a better standard of cricket. He is going to be an inspiration to the many inner city children that we work with.

“There is so much untapped talent in Birmingham and Coventry and Ateeq’s example and leadership will play a huge role in helping us enhance participation levels across Birmingham and the wider county of Warwickshire.”

Warwickshire Cricket Board’s Chance to Shine Street programmes provide an opportunity for children aged between eight and 16 young adults aged 16 to 24 to enjoy cricket on hardcourt surfaces each week; played with plastic cricket bats and a taped tennis ball to replicate the seam of a cricket ball.

For further information on joining a Chance to Shine Street programme in Birmingham or Coventry, please contact Eaton Gordon on