Warwickshire’s players have been relishing their six-week post-season break – but that does not mean they are in total shutdown on the fitness front until they report back to Edgbaston.

The Bears squad will return to training next Monday after a period of respite which is fully justified by the hectic demands of a county season – one of the most gruelling programmes in world sport.

It is an important time for players to recharge and spend some time with families for whom they are, at times between April and September, only a fleeting presence.

But the players have still been keeping an eye on their fitness-levels, ready for the range of tests which await them on their first day back next week.

“This break is vital for the players,” said strength and conditioning coach Chris Armstong. “It is a long season and guys to be fighting as hard in games at the end of it as at the start, so it was great credit to them that they finished so strongly with great wins in the cup final and last championship game.

“After such a long season, with so much day-in-day-out cricket, they deserve and need some down time. They need to recharge mentally and physically and that’s what we want them to do with these six weeks, though they are professionals and know there are certain things we expect them to do.

“On their first day back they will face a range of tests to measure body composition, strength, speed, mobility and power. If anyone is not where they should be, they will have a few extra sessions scheduled, but I don’t expect that to be the case.

“They are really good professionals. And of course there is an extra incentive with a new director of cricket coming in. Everyone wants to be in the best possible shape to impress.”


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