Dougie Brown is set to take on a gruelling physical challenge in order to fundraise for the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, as he prepares to complete a half marathon in the midday heat of the United Arab Emirates.

Former Warwickshire man Brown, who was the elected Chair of the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) between 2007-09, is aiming to complete 13.1 miles around the Palm Jumeirah in his adopted home in Dubai, where he has lived for the past five years.

On the day of the challenge on Friday 30 July, the mercury is set to comfortably reach temperatures of 50 degrees celsius and above, with humidity and the lack of shade meaning it will feel like 60 degrees to humans.

However, Brown is happy to “take a couple of hours of pain” to give something back to the charity that has supported him and his family in the past, so that it will be able to continue supporting those who need it most for generations to come.

“As a former Chair of the PCA,” says Brown, “I’m very much aware of what the Professional Cricketers’ Trust does and how impactful, beneficial and helpful it is to people.

“You never know when you’re going to need it. Players, including myself and my own family, think that they won’t need that support and then they end up doing so through no fault of their own.

“We just want to try and raise some funds and put something back so that the next people who need that support can benefit from it. I’m happy to take a couple of hours of pain if it will help to change the futures of those who have been supported by the Trust.”

Elaborating on how he intends to complete such an intense physical challenge, Brown admits that pacing himself will be key, whilst he will also be reliant on the support of close family in the form of wife Amelia.

“My wife will support me on the day in a support car, and there will be no-one else around as they’ll all be hidden away in their hotels! I’m going to have to do regular temperature checks, put an ice vest on and do other things in order to look after myself.

Dougie Brown

“It’s going to be hard and I’m definitely not going to break any records. I’ve been here five years now and have gotten used to the heat, but it’s one thing being used to it and another thing entirely doing that level of exercise in it.

“I’ve been warned off it by people, but I’m absolutely convinced that I’m going to do it!”