Edgbaston has become a patron of the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce.

Anjum Khan, director for the ABCC, said: “The ABCC and GBCC are thrilled to welcome Edgbaston Stadium as a Patron.

“Edgbaston Stadium are leaders in hosting world – class sporting events, however they have also hosted a number of ABCC and GBCC events over the years, clearly demonstrating a commitment to the diverse business community that lives and thrives in this region.”

There’s no point in just filling the holes and just getting back up in the First Division and risking being back in the same situation as last year. This club deserves better than that. It deserves to be a consistent top-tier force and it will take work to get us back to that.

Ravi Masih

Ravi Masih, Head of Community Engagement at Edgbaston, said: “We are delighted to become patrons of the ABCC. Over the last few years The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce have grown in stature, building a strong reputation and enhanced brand to firmly establish themselves as the voice for businesses in the Greater Birmingham region.

“This has been paralleled by the fantastic growth the ABCC has seen under Saqib’s leadership and as a result, we only felt it right to become Patrons of this growing Chamber.

“Over the last two years Edgbaston has been the home of the ABCC’s International Women’s Day event, and we’re very proud to have hosted such a diverse and welcoming event. We hope to continue to support the ABCC in the same vein, by spreading the message that everyone in our diverse, Greater Birmingham community is welcome at Edgbaston.

“We especially want to welcome all community groups to some very exciting cricket events being held here over the next coming years including this year’s Test Match vs India and the World Cup in 2019.

“We think that the relationship between Edgbaston and the ABCC will be mutually beneficial for both parties, building on the great relationship we have had so far with the Chamber.”

Edgbaston Stadium joins the ABCC as their 11th patron, joining the largest and longest running Chamber of its kind.