Warwickshire County Cricket Club recently hosted it first meeting of the newly formed Community Liaison Group (CLG) with a host of local residents and organisations, as well as Edgbaston Ward Councillor Deirdre Alden, joining via Zoom.

The CLG is an evolution of the Resident Liaison Group (RLG), which has been a platform for communication between the Club and local residents for more than 20 years.

The group has largely focused on the impact of stadium events on the neighbourhood, and over the years the Club and Members have collaborated to minimise disruption and inform other residents of Club activity.

With support from the RLG, the Club identified an opportunity to further enhance its open dialogue with the community, with the platform to a broader audience that may be more representative of the local area. The meetings now cover all aspects of Club activities including cricket, venue, transportation, community initiatives and recreational cricket. The group intends to be a forum for two-way communication to share and discuss important activities.

In the first meeting the group heard from club representatives about Phase 2 of the Stadium Masterplan, the 2021 cricket season, and upcoming community initiatives.

Natalie Tichareva and Deborah Ufton from Edgbaston Neighbourhood Network Scheme also shared information about the incredible work that is going on in the area through the city council funded scheme.

The CLG is built around communication, consultation, and community voice. The aspiration is that this broad open dialogue will lead to a closer relationship between the Club and its local community.

The CLG is open to anyone in the area local to Edgbaston Stadium who can represent a wider group, such as residents’ associations, community groups, charities, local business, government agencies to name a few. If you would like to become a member of Community Liaison Group please: email foundation@edgbaston.com.