Leading up to the 2005 Ashes Series there was huge expectation that England could undo years of pain and finally beat the Aussies on home soil and bring home the Ashes. What followed that summer was one of the most fantastic sporting spectacles ever seen.

As on all these occasions, the series was played off the pitch too. So, if you are intrigued to learn what was going on behind the scenes here is your opportunity by reading the inside story from David Clarke.

Follow this link and download “and England have Won the Ashes” for free. All is revealed from that famous summer of cricket.

  • How Jerusalem became integral to England’s victory
  • Why the umpires, on that afternoon at the Oval, threw cricket convention out of the window to declare England victory
  • Why 70,000+ people turned up in Trafalgar Square to party with Freddie in September

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