We caught up with Bowling Coach Graeme Welch as the Bears returned to the Edgbaston Cricket Centre for pre-season training.

“We had fitness testing Thursday and Friday since the lads had a month in the lockdown,” said Welch.

“The lads have been keeping fit and Jack (Murfin) is happy they’re in shape. I think there has been a few lads who have struggled with it (lockdown), but obviously being around a group all the time it’s been difficult.

“I’ve coped with it alright actually! A summer off? I haven’t had one of them for a few years so I got the house tidy and stuff like that.

“It’s been a difficult time but the lads have coped really well. We spoke to them all individually and they’re all keen, they all want to hit and they all want to bowl. They’re in a very good place.”

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