The Great Britain Transplant Cricket Club are hosting their Spring Net session at Edgbaston Indoor Cricket Centre on Sunday 18th February and are welcoming new players to take part and play.

The session is open to men and women that are over 16 years old, that support the work of life changing organ transplants that have transformed their lives. Transplant recipients, dialysis patients and donors (including donors families) are all very welcome to attend.

If you are interested in attending this event please click the link below to contact GTBCC Club Administrator Jo Windridge.

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The Great Britain Transplant Cricket Club

The GBTCC is unique in that all its players have received life changing, and very often life saving, organ transplants that have transformed their lives. The players include those who have spent years, up to 8 in one case, on thrice weekly dialysis to treat end-stage renal failure. Others have been quite literally at death’s door prior to receiving their life saving liver or heart transplants; sometimes after periods of chronic illness others as a result of acute conditions.

All of the GBTCC’s players love cricket and see the GBTCC as a vehicle by which they can publicise transplantation and especially the idea that a transplant can transform an individual’s life from a situation of having a serious and debilitating illness to one of full and active participation in life and the wider community. All the players feel that they owe a duty to their donors to celebrate their opportunity for a more normal life and to do what they can to enable others to benefit from organ transplantation.


Featuring eight cricket nets, two large function rooms and access to a network of ECB qualified coaches; Edgbaston Indoor Cricket Centre is a great venue to host your next function or event. To get in touch with us please call the number below or fill out the form on the right hand side of this article.