Edgbaston Stadium will turn purple this evening to underline Warwickshire County Cricket Club's support for International Women's Day.

Edgbaston will be bathed in purple, which symbolises dignity and justice and is the presiding colour associated with International Women’s Day.

The Bears have long been leaders in promoting and supporting women’s and girls’ cricket – and that commitment remains as strong and passionate as ever, says chief executive Stuart Cain.

“All our social media accounts have turned from blue to purple for the day and anyone driving past Edgbaston this evening will see the building lit up purple to celebrate International Women’s Day,” he said.  

“To raise awareness of the day is crucial, but even more important is what we are doing tomorrow and in the weeks and months and years ahead.

“At Warwickshire, we have made some pleasing progress. Two years ago, there was one female representative on our senior leadership team – now we have four. We have moved that significantly in the right direction to get a better balance in the team, but we know that, across the business, we still have a long way to go.

Stuart Cain

“We have done a lot across the business to raise awareness and increase the opportunities for women within the club, but we still need to do a lot more. It’s not just about how we get more women working for the club, it’s how we represent diversity across all elements of the game, particularly in terms of volunteers, coaches and umpires and behind the scenes roles like physios and strength & conditioning coaches.”

Warwickshire Women’s captain Marie Kelly can vouch for the huge progress that has been made on the women’s playing side at Edgbaston in recent years.

“For me to now have a professional contract myself and be a part of a club which is so progressive is fantastic.

“I coach a lot of young girls and to see so many coming through and see the progression of the game is really exciting. The women’s game has come so far. A lot has happened in a very short space of time and it is very exciting to think what is going to happen in the next five or ten years.”

Marie Kelly