Kings Rise Academy in Kingstanding partnered with Warwickshire Cricket Board at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium earlier today in a Guinness World Record attempt to deliver the largest cricket lesson in history.

More than 650 school children aged 4-11 years-old took part in the lesson delivered on the Edgbaston outfield by Warwickshire Cricket Board Schools Manager Danny Maskell, with pupils from Kings Rise Academy joined by other schools that are part of the Elliot Foundation.

The attempt is currently awaiting verification from the Guinness World Records team and, if approved, it will surpass the previous single venue record of 580 at Lord’s Cricket Ground, in London, in 2017.

“Some of the children who took part in the lesson today are relatively new to cricket. But what better introduction could there be to the game than by trying to break a world record at one of the most famous grounds in the world and by playing on the same hallowed turf as many stars of the game.

Danny Maskell, Warwickshire Cricket Board

“The Kings Rise Academy team have been fantastic in creating opportunities for its children to play the game. We’re committed to making the game as accessible as possible and we hope that many of the children here today are able to go and make cricket part of their lives.”

Maskell led the lesson from the Edgbaston outfield with the children able to follow his lead through the big screens in the stadium and his link-up to the public address system. He was joined by six fellow Warwickshire Cricket Board coaches and Bears, Birmingham Phoenix and Central Spark fast bowler Issy Wong.

“Seeing so many children here on the outfield playing and enjoying cricket is fantastic,” said Wong. “Fifteen years ago I was in their shoes, although I’ve had to wait a bit longer to get my first experience of playing here at Edgbaston.

“However, hopefully this record attempt has given them a bit of an inspiration and whether its playing or watching the game, we want to get them involved. Maybe we’ll even see them take to the field here again in a few years time.”

Following today’s attempt, Warwickshire Cricket Board is submitting all event evidence to Guinness World Records with a decision expected within two weeks.

“Kings Rise has cricket in its DNA. We have photos dating back to the 1950s of our old cricket teams, but participation has waned in our school and across Kingstanding over the years. We wanted to remind our community just how fun cricket is but also celebrate what Kingstanding really is; optimistic, energetic and aspirational.

Gary Byrne, Vice Principal at Kings Rise Academy

“Edgbaston and Warwickshire Cricket Board have been incredibly generous with their time and we’re very grateful for Danny’s support. He has a deep understanding of the importance of sport in education he’s been tireless in pursuing the ground, the staff, the equipment and everything else we need.

“Long after the dust has settled on our record attempt, the legacy of the day will live on in cricket at Kings Rise.”