Former County Championship-winning captain Nick Knight admits he had great pride seeing his former side lift the title.

Knight – who joined the Bears in 1995 and made 397 appearances across all formats, winning five trophies in a 12-year career with the Bears – lifted the title in 2004, becoming just the fifth captain to do so.

Speaking at the Champions Dinner where Knight was host, the former opener was keen to talk about his emotions of returning to Edgbaston and celebrating the teams fantastic 2021 campaign.

“They should be immensely proud really for all they’ve achieved,” said Knight. “Maybe like the year I was captain I don’t think anyone thought we had a chance at all. When you win then perhaps it makes it more special when you get over the line.

“When I come back to this club and come to a night like this I feel so proud when I park my car. It’s a little different from when I played here with the new stand and the facilities as they are now, but Tim Munton, Gladstone Small and all the players will say that they’re lucky to represent this club.

“We have this pride in representing the club and we’ve got a WhatsApp group where we’re all on it. We’re all following the players, every move they make, and someone is texting how are they doing so there’s a great interest. It’s not just that you play for the club, you finish at the club and retire or get sacked, it’s amazing how many people keep a real interest.

“I got Dennis Amiss who wasn’t part of the original script to do a Q&A but I thought it was important that the younger players hear from Dennis. Dennis is an iconic player, a legend of English cricket let alone Warwickshire cricket and what I noticed hosting the event was that you could hear a pin drop when he was talking.

“Everyone wanted to hear what he had to say. Dennis has been around a long time but the history of the club they all respect him. They all want to listen.”

The Bears next challenge is to defend their trophy after securing the prestigious prize on the final day of the season. Will Rhodes’ side’s success was sprinkled with contributions throughout the line-up with key players all making their mark at different times.

When asked how important that is Knight admits it’s nothing new. It’s almost a Bears trait.

“You might say that about a few Warwickshire sides in the past,” the now Sky Sports presenter added. “I think that says a lot about the culture and the environment and the way the guys are feeding off that at this club.

“I’d like to think this group of players and the way they’re coached and set-up is that they don’t need to hear any of us say things about the importance of defending the trophy.

“They’re the type of players who will go out and do absolutely everything they can this winter to prepare. They’ll learn some lessons along the way I’m sure, but I think they’re a good side. They’ve got a little work to do and areas to improve but any side does.

“I like the side. I think it’s nicely balanced in the sense you’ve got some experienced guys and some exciting younger players with Dom Sibley coming back as well. I’ve got nothing but praise. I’m so proud of them.”

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