As part of Edgbaston’s drive towards sustainability, we have teamed up with Lord Combustion Services, one of our commercial partners, to set up a project to upgrade the heating system at the stadium to be more efficient and renewable.

The exisiting hot water generation plant at Edgbaston has become unreliable and struggles to cope with the maximum hot water demand during peak periods. The proposed project will utilise fast recovery plate heat exchanged units along with hot water buffer storage to ensure that all the stadiums hot water requirements are met.

Primary heat source for the units will be provided by condensing fully modulating boiler plant and supplemented by a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant to optimise the energy efficency of the building. Circultaion pumps serving primary and secondary circuits shall utilise variable speed drives to match system demand and ensure electricity is used in the most efficient manner.

A Building Management System using energy efficient software strategies will ensure that all of the Mechanical Building Services are operated in the most efficient manner, optimising comfort heating levels and ensuring availability of hot water services.