It’s a difficult decision that only some professional cricketers get the chance to make. I have decided that after 20 years, it is time for me to retire from cricket and Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

I will say the usual words of “honour” and “privilege” but will know that to me they don’t quite convey my gratitude for the opportunity I have had.

I still very much consider myself a part of this squad and fully intend to fulfil my role for the remainder of the 2020 season.

It is a difficult thing to accept as I would love to play another 20 years if it was at all possible but it is the right time for this talented, energetic and ambitious young squad to move forward and make their own mark. I have always tried to put the club and the team first and to not make this decision now would go against that.

I have too many people to thank but would like to take this opportunity to thank the Club, the members and the supporters, many of whom have shared in my experiences; like the gentleman who said “keep going Tim we’re all behind you” as I lumbered up the steps after getting out softly for another low score in 2010. I later understood I was in a spell of depression at that time, but that man’s voice cut through the haze and white noise in my head and that small gesture of encouragement from an anonymous supporter was a genuine motivator for me to return to Warwickshire and repay the people who believed in me.

Thank you for my fondest memories, greatest challenges and most difficult learning curves. I have always believed you are a professional athlete for a period of time but a human being for your entire life. I have tried to live up to that without always succeeding but I hope that I have made those that care and have supported me proud of my efforts and commitment. 

Make the Bear proud.

Once a Bear, always a Bear.

Thank you.

Tim Ambrose