We caught up with Bears batsman Ed Pollock over Zoom to discuss his new contract, training in the bubble environment and his goals for 2021.

“It’s amazing,” said Pollock when asked about crowds returning to Edgbaston.

“People ask me what it’s like but it’s hard to describe and nothing compares. The big one is walking out at Edgbaston on a Friday night when you’re playing Worcestershire. The sound, the adrenaline gets going and you see the people who feed off it so much – someone like Jeets or Henry Brookes. That energy everyone gets from the crowd is great.

“It’s about getting the energy and the drive that the crowd brings but there’s the absolute pleasure of the job of being able to inspire kids and getting them into the game, which is amazing.

“I was thinking about this the other day and signing things for the kids afterwards. I remember being that kid completely clueless to whoever the player was but just holding out a bat just to get a signature and running back to my parents and saying ‘how good is this?’

“We’re very lucky with the amount of Members who donated their Membership and everyone is appreciative of that and we realise that when we can get them back then great.”