Ahead of the Royal London One-Day International, Edgbaston have joined the RADAR National Key Scheme to better improve our facilities for disabled users. Edgbaston’s steward team will have keys for customers who are yet to participate in this scheme and operations will continue as normal. To find our more about the RADAR NKS please read below and follow the related links.

RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS)

RADAR would ideally like all providers of accessible toilets to be able to keep their toilets unlocked. However in reality many have to lock them to stop misuse and damage.

If accessible toilets for disabled people do have to be locked, providers are asked to join the scheme, which involves fitting standard locks to their toilets and making keys available to disabled people. This has now been adopted by over 400 local authorities and a number of other organisations.

Purchasing a RADAR NKS key allows access to all public toilets throughout the country which have joined up to the scheme.

  • RADAR publishes an annual National Key Scheme Guide and the full list of toilets fitted with the NKS lock is updated on the Direct Enquiries website. 
  • You can also get further information about the RADAR National Key Scheme here.

How to get a RADAR Key

You should be able to obtain a RADAR NKS key by contacting an Access Officer at your local authority.

For those who are unable to obtain an NKS key in their own locality, RADAR supplies keys at a small charge.