Mark Robinson said Warwickshire want to play attacking cricket and entertain after their County Championship fixture against Hampshire ended in a draw due to wet weather.

It is Warwickshire’s third rain-effected draw in a row to start the season, but the signs have been positive for the Bears with the top three batters all averaging over 100 with the bat, and Rob Yates proving himself to be the all-rounder he has always promised to be.

Robinson credited his team’s determination to push for a result on the final day with the match looking likely to be heading for a draw. With the game finely poised for an engrossing final two sessions, the rain set in and would not relent until the teams called it a day at 4:30pm.

Robinson said: “Yeah, I think everyone had written today off, really, but the boys came in really determined to try and set a match up. And you saw how we played, even last night, how Davies attacked it. And then all the boys today played selflessly, gave wickets away in the pursuit of trying to get to a target where we could maybe bowl 55 overs at them. Bit of turn and you never know. 

“And, you know, we were a bit surprised Worcester didn’t do that to us and, you know, we were determined we were going to try and put some scars and maybe take some scabs off that top order of Hampshire and get in amongst them. 

“Yeah and before that, you know, under Will it was the same and sometimes it’ll bite you in the backside, it won’t always come off and you might give away a game you had pretty safe.

“We want to play attacking cricket, we want to try and entertain and we think the best way of doing that is playing on the front foot. It suits the nature of a lot of these players, it definitely suits the captain, and we’ve dominated and driven this game.

“We won a good toss and got a big score on the board and the wicket always got lower and slower, harder to actually force the game, easier to survive, harder to force. The only downside is we dropped a few catches on that first afternoon when we bowled. If we’d got Middleton and Gubbins out early, which we should have done, both catchable catches, we might have been in a different position. But, it wasn’t and we’ll take a lot of positives and we’ll keep growing and if we play, bowl and bat like that against Notts we’ll put them under a lot of pressure.”