Bears first team coach Mark Robinson believes the key to Vitality Blast success is to have a "blueprint" plan to stick to through all the ups and down of the volatile short game.

T20 is cricket’s most unpredictable format, which means that it is the most difficult for teams to achieve consistency. Helter-skelter games can swing either way in the blink of an eye and captains and players have to think on their feet and adapt quickly at times.

Robinson will expect the Bears to do that during the 2021 Vitality Blast – but they will also take to the field with an overriding strategy which will not change.

“You have to have a blueprint of how you want to play,” said the coach, who won every domestic trophy during his time in charge at Sussex. “Then we ask people to fill roles within that and, if they can’t, then somebody else will get their chance, it’s as simple as that.

“What you are trying not to do is change how you go about playing. That’s the key – to actually hold your nerve, as a captain and a coach, and make it plain to the players what is expected of each role.

Mark Robinson

“Of course, players have the freedom to interpret the game as it goes along. but there is a blueprint to how you want to play as a team. Once you decide that you’re halfway there.

“When you are winning one and losing one, it’s difficult because you make changes which is sometimes not healthy.

“As with any sport, of course, you need a bit of luck sometimes. You need to get lucky with your formulas because the sooner you can settle with you batting order and bowling plan the better.”

As cautious optimism grows about spectators returning fully to sport after June, early ticket sales for the Bears’ Blast games at Edgbaston this summer have been very strong.

“There is a huge appetite for live sport and the atmosphere at Edgbaston for this year’s Blast could be amazing. My sister phoned me up the other day to ask which is the best stand to watch from at Edgbaston because she and eight friends are coming along.

Mark Robinson

“People are just desperate to get out and watch live sport as soon as possible. I know I am – I just can’t get wait to get back into grounds and with a live audience.”