Trevor Penney has been voted Greatest Ever Bears Fielder with a whopping 75 per cent of the vote.

The short-list contained five wonderful fielders who between them saved thousands of runs with their speed, agility and anticipation.

But Bears fans voted in force for ‘T.P’ whose fielding in the 1990s was so brilliant – and dangerous to batsmen – he was almost like another member of the bowling attack.

In all formats for the Bears, between 1991 and 2002, Penney took 206 catches…and four stumpings!

He was fantastic for the fans to watch, a constant worry for opposing batsmen…and great for the Bears bowlers to have adding to the pressure they were trying to impose.

“Trevor won us game by throwing out top-order batters,” seamer Gladstone Small told Pat Murphy for his fine book The Greatest Season.

“They refused to run to him once his reputation has spread. Trevor saved at least 20 runs per innings in the field.

“He was so fast, so accurate with his throwing. Jonty Rhodes was fantastic, but Trevor got more direct hits.”