Please ensure that you only buy tickets from official ticket sellers for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019

This means only buying tickets and hospitality packages through the dedicated ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ticketing website and/or its Official Resale Ticket Platform and/or the official hospitality providers who are listed here.

Our Ticket Terms and Conditions prohibit the resale of any ticket outside of the ICC’s Official Resale Ticket Platform. We are continually monitoring illegal ticket resale activity and will take action to cancel tickets offered for sale on unofficial third party websites. As a result, we urge fans to approach third party ticket sites with caution. Purchasing from an unauthorised source, either online or in person, could leave you out of pocket and unable to enter the venue.

If you buy from unofficial sources you also face the possibility of being a victim of fraud with tickets not being delivered or being counterfeit tickets that will not secure entry on the day.

Affordable and fair ticket pricing is a key priority for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019. Tickets for the tournament are in high demand, which can regrettably lead to third parties attempting to take advantage of genuine fans. We are committed to taking action against such activity and have put in place a range of measures to tackle the problem.

We also continue to liaise with government enforcement agencies such as local Trading Standards and the Competition and Markets Authority to seek their support to address this issue.

We understand that people’s plans change, especially when tickets are purchased way in advance of the tournament, and if you have tickets you cannot use we have provided a resale platform so you can sell the tickets safely to other genuine fans. The platform has been jointly developed with Ticketmaster and provides a simple user-friendly system for people to sell unwanted tickets at face-value. The Official Resale Ticket Platform is the only authorised resale platform for the tournament. Tickets offered for sale on any other platform may not be genuine and/or may be cancelled at any time. Please do not take this risk.

If you see any activity that you believe may be the unofficial resale of tickets or fraudulent behaviour then you can report that to us in confidence at and we will investigate.