Hello Bears fans, I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

It was another fantastic win for the Bears against Essex last week to back up the one in Nottingham. To put back-to-back performances like those together in the championship is a great effort and really shows what this team is capable of under Rhodesy.

They haven’t started quite so well in the game at Durham but, looking from afar, these days the Bears get better the longer a game goes!

It was also great to read that spectators will be back in Edgbaston for the championship game against Nottinghamshire at the end of May. I’m sure everyone will be delighted to have a crowd back in the ground. Professional sport is not the same without one!

Over here in India, I have been a spectator for the last few Capitals games, unfortunately. I’ve been in the matchday squad of 14 for the last three games but not made the 11. It is frustrating because you always want to play, but that’s the nature of the IPL with the strength of the squads.

I didn’t expect to play the games in Chennai because of the slower wickets there and, now we are in Ahmedabad, the team is on a roll and winning games which makes it tricky to force your way back into. I’ll just keep working hard to be ready for when hopefully my opportunity comes again.

It is frustrating because, of course, life is very different to usual at the moment with all our time spent in our bubble, so playing games is a release from that. I am not complaining at all, because I know how amazingly lucky I am to do what I do for a living, but spending so much in a bubble in the hotel has its challenges.

It can get a bit claustrophobic. There is a pool, a gym and a room where we can get a coffee and socialise with the other players, and it’s important to do that, but, to be honest, the internet is crucial. One of the hardest things about being an international cricketer is all the time spent away from your family and friends, and more so than ever with everything that’s going on at the moment. Seeing my wife and children on Facetime every day and keeping in touch with mates keeps me going.

Over here we’re gearing up for a game on Sunday then the Capitals have a six-day break. In normal times, that would give us a chance to get out and do stuff and see some places, but that won’t be possible in the current situation so that break will be a bit of a challenge.

But these are challenging times for us all aren’t they? Take care, Bears fans, and stay safe.