Unique to the world, it is the only beer still using the Burton Union System in oak casks.

In 1952, Sydney Evershed the chairman of Marston, Thompson and Evershed, announced “We are now marketing our best pale ale under the name Pedigree Pale Ale, because it is descended from a long line of famous brews and is really a thoroughbred brew.”

A thoroughbred it is, Marston’s Pedigree is still brewed the best way known to Master Brewer’s using Burton well water, the unions system and with a passion for the result. Whilst other breweries Burtonise their water we use water from source, and still have our coopers who refit and replace our 264 Unions as they need it. We only use the finest English ingredients and have often used the same suppliers for generations, they like us are proud of their Pedigree.

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