Award-winning food and drink

Edgbaston is renowned for its award-winning food and drink. Fordhall Farm, a community-owned organic farm, are our exclusive food catering partner.

Catering will be available at locations around the stadium offering a wide range of options including Halal (H), Vegetarian (V), Vegan (VE), Gluten Free (GF) and more.

Food and drink can also be ordered from your seat for Click & Collect via the Edgbaston app, which is free on iOS and Android. Your order will be available to collect from your nearest bar.

The following catering outlets will be open for this fixture:

  • Coffee Unit (V, VE, GF, H)
  • Ice Cream (V, VE, GF, H)
  • Chicken Wraps (V, VE, GF, H)
  • Greek Gyros & Souvlaki (V, VE, H)
  • Pasture Fed Burgers (V, VE)
  • Hog Roast (VE, VE)
  • Woodfired Pizza (V, VE)
  • Vegetarian Indian Street Food (V, VE, GF)
  • Caribbean Food (V, GF, H)
  • Filthy Fries (V, VE, GF)
  • Donut Society (V)
  • Crepes & Coffee (V, H)
  • Pick & Mix Sweets (V, VE, GF, H)
  • Burger Barn (V, VE)
  • Coffee & Sausage Rolls (V, GF)
  • Fish & Chips (V)
  • Fordhall Farm Grill (V, VE, GF)
  • Cornish Pasties (V)
  • The Bar
  • Pimms Bar
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Hobgoblin

Edgbaston understands how important sustainability is and reducing our carbon footprint. Reusable e-cups have therefore been in place at Edgbaston since 2016.

Spectators will pay a £1 deposit for their e-cup with their first drink. If you are ordering drinks in the app, you will pay for an e-cup for each order, this will then be refunded when you collect your drink.

Every subsequent drink will be poured into a clean e-cup and at the end of the day they can either keep the e-cup or return it to an e-cup refund point located around the stadium.


Cashless Stadium

Edgbaston is a cashless stadium and only cards will be accepted at our bars and catering units.


Click & Collect

Food and drink can be ordered from your seat for Click & Collect via the Edgbaston app, on iOS and Android.



Reusable e-cups have been in place at Edgbaston since 2016, supporting our business-wide sustainability pledge.