For a sustainable future

Our ambition is to be the most sustainable cricket stadium in the UK.

We are operating several sustainability projects and systems to support this ambition, helping our environment, reducing energy use and waste and supporting our local community.

  • Electricity from renewable sources
  • Reduce energy use
  • Eliminate single-use plastic
  • Increase recycling and minimise waste
  • Reduce our carbon footprint

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“As a venue, we take our sustainability work very seriously and we have made several changes to our operations in recent months which have made positive change.”

Claire Daniel

Claire Daniel

Operations Director

Electricity from renewable sources

Drax Group supplies Edgbaston with electricity that comes exclusively from renewable sources. They produce most of its electricity using compressed wood pellets, a form of sustainable biomass in line with its purpose of enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.

Reduce energy use

The club has entered into an Energy efficiency partnership with Amber Energy, working in partnership to identify and deliver energy saving projects to reduce Edgbaston’s carbon footprint and energy costs.  

“We have grand ambitions to be the most sustainable cricket venue in the UK and are acutely aware that further work and long-term planning is required to achieve this goal.”

Claire Daniel

Claire Daniel

Operations Director



To help reduce our carbon footprint, over 90% of all food dishes are made freshly in the Edgbaston kitchens.



All non-recyclable waste is sold on to make refuse-derived fuel. Zero waste goes to landfill.


Let’s Feed Brum

When there is unused edible food that meets all hygiene requirements, we offer food to the local community.

Eliminate single use plastics

Since 2016, reusable ‘e’ cups have been used around the stadium rather than disposable plastic cups. Edgbaston plan to remove all other single use plastics from both our matchday and non-matchday operations.

Increase recycling

We aim to recycle as much waste as possible. All non-recyclable waste is handled by Suez, our waste management partners, and gets sold on to make RDF. Zero waste goes to landfill.

Pads and pencils used for all conference and events at Edgbaston are made from 100% recycled material.

Reduce our carbon footprint

We are proud of our home in the heart of the Midlands and therefore most of our food and drink we sell and provide is purchased from local suppliers.

Our commitment to catering excellence also supports our aims in this area with over 90% of all food dishes made freshly in the Edgbaston kitchens.