The Importance of a Work Christmas Party

Relationships & Integration

In many workplaces, people can be guilty of spending their time with the same colleagues every day. A work Christmas Party is the opportunity to breakdown the workplace groups and for people from all departments, job roles or hierarchy status to get to know one another. Creating these social relationships away from the workplace will translate into stronger working relationships that can benefit the way colleagues work more effectively together.

Appreciation & Recognition

All employees like to feel valued and appreciated by the company they work for. Something as simple as a Christmas Party shows employees that they are appreciated and that their hard work doesn’t go unrecognised. Christmas Parties are often used as a celebration of success for the work throughout the year. This type of celebration can empower staff to resume work in the New Year with a fresh approach to their job and a drive to improve on the success in the previous year.

Reflect & Evaluate

The informal environment that Christmas Parties create help to breakdown the hierarchal barriers that exist in workplaces. Often this results in employees providing a more honest opinion on their workplace and any issues they may be experiencing, giving some good feedback for employers to reflect on. Additionally, by injecting some personality and fun into a Christmas Party can help in emphasising the ethos and values the company wants to take forward into the upcoming year.

Look no further than Edgbaston to host your work Christmas Party in Birmingham for 2019.

Our Glitz & Glamour Shared Christmas Party Nights offer a unique party experience for this festive period. With a fantastic Hollywood themed room and a red carpet on arrival, you and your colleagues will be treated like A-listers for the night. Our first-class, three-course, specially designed festive menu will prepare you for an LA-style after-party that will have you up to dance the night away.

Alternatively, you can choose one of our luxurious suites to host your own Private Christmas Party. With the added option to develop your own room theme, you can create a personalised night that is suited to your requirements. Build your event from the beginning to create a night that you and your guests will never forget.

Book your Christmas Party Night in Birmingham

We are rolling out the red carpet as we bring the glitz of Hollywood to Birmingham this Christmas! Fill in our enquiry form for more information and to book your party places for 2019.

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