All Vitality Blast Season Pass purchasers for the 2020 season have the option to keep the value of their pass as credit to use for our domestic or international matches in 2021 or 2022, or obtain a refund.

Credit can also be used to easily purchase a Season Pass for the 2021 season when they go on sale, which is due to be in September. The Season Pass price will be frozen for 2021.


Credit my account and get priority access for 2021

Vitality Blast Season Pass holders can keep the value of their pass as credit in their Edgbaston online account. This credit can be used to purchase tickets for domestic or international matches at Edgbaston in 2021 or 2022.

Credit can be used to purchase a Season Pass for 2021, with prices frozen for next summer. Season Passes are due to go on sale in September.

Those who choose to keep the value of their tickets in their account will also receive priority access to buy Vitality Blast group tickets in 2021 at the best price.

Next summer’s international programme at Edgbaston includes England’s ODI versus Pakistan and a T20I versus Sri Lanka, so demand is expected to be very high given the loss of matches in 2020.

The credited value can also be used for Vitality Blast Finals Day (subject to availability), Warwickshire Membership and major match days up to the end of 2022.

No action is required. If we don’t hear from you before midnight on 26 August, the value of your ticket(s) will automatically be credited to your online account.

We will write to you again once Season Pass, matchday tickets and priority access details have been confirmed for 2021.


Claim a refund

Alternatively, purchasers can claim a refund for the value of their Season Pass.

Refund requests must be submitted by completing our online Refund Form, linked below, before midnight on 26 August 2020.

If you do not complete our online form, you will automatically receive credit to your online account.

Refund Form