Ultra White Collar Boxing

Ultra White Collar Boxing

Who are they?

Ultra White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for people with no boxing background to experience the wonderful world of boxing, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Ultra Whire Collar Boxing are the most established organisation in the UK, running hundreds of events in over 90 cities across the UK over the last 6 years. They are a corporate partner of Cancer Research UK and have raised £4.5 Million to date making us their biggest fundraisers in the UK.

What do they do?

They take complete beginners, provide them with 8 weeks free boxing training which gets them in great shape and introduces them to the sport, the training culminates in a glamorous black tie sports event. The events work as a fantastic springboard to get people that may previously have been inactive involved in health and fitness and have been truly life changing for many participants.


Over the past 2015 alone they raised £2.2 Million for Cancer Research UK, they have a fantastic partnership with CRUK and they are actually listed as corporate partners on their website:


They aim to raise £6 Million by Christmas 2016.

Get involved

If you’d like to take part and help beat cancer sooner, sign up today by visiting www.uwcb.co.uk

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