Boys U13 to U18 & Girls U11 to U18 Youth Pathway Application Process

Applications for Boys U13 to U18’s and Girls U11 to U18’s are now open.

You (the player) can submit video content and contact details to Warwickshire County Cricket Club, for review by coaches, demonstrating skills as a batter, bowler or wicket keeper.

Entries can be submitted now and until Friday 8 September, 2023.

Watch the video (right) to find out why the process has changed and how you can apply for trials.

Click here to read the full information sheet and terms of service.

How to submit a video

Submissions must be made via WhatsApp via the details provided for the two age ranges:

BOYS (2023/24 school years 8-13) – 07851 012329
GIRLS (2023/24 school years 5-13) – 07754 321590

(NOTE: Academic year 2023/24 applies)

To enter this scheme, we require:

  • A video recording of the applicant playing cricket, showcasing their skills (please watch instructional video for detail).
  • Contact email address(es) for parents / guardians.
  • First name, Last Name of player.
  • Date of birth of player.
  • A link to cricketing match statistics if applicable and available ( record or equivalent).

Watch the video (right) for the all information you require.


Why has this process been introduced?

1) To open nominations process up to anyone who wishes to apply.

2) To allow for a fairer trial process, ensuring coaches spend enough time with players to gather relevant data and get to know players developmental needs.

How do I apply?

Please see instructional video at the top of this page.

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

If you are unsuccessful in the application process you will be invited to a group online feedback session concerning your skill set (i.e., Batter, Seamer, Spinner, Keeper)

How will I be informed of the selection decision?

Via email to the address you have provided with your application

If I am unsuccessful can I apply again at a later date?

Yes, players will be encouraged to apply at a later date if they believe they can demonstrate a noticeable improvement on the areas outlined in the group online feedback session.

Who is observing the Whatsapp Videos?

Only members of the High-Performance Coaching Staff and an independent consultant will be able to view videos (all DBS checked).

Can I use the Whatsapp number to communicate with WCCC?

No, calls to this number will not be answered, it shall be used as a data gathering for players videos and information only

Contact us if you have any queries regarding the process

The nomination process for the girls’ pathway and boys U10-12s remains the same for the 22/23 season.