Bears Bursary Scheme

After the success of our first ever Edgbaston Sleepout, we wanted to make ensure that we as a Foundation were doing something tangible to support youth homelessness.

The Bears Bursary was created in recognition of the need to support amazing young people in their fight against adversity to see them progress to higher education with the aim of improving their life chances.

We recognised that getting to university was a great achievement, but some of the issues they encounter may be compounded. The Bears Bursary has the aim of lifting some of the financial burden and to prevent finances from becoming the barrier halting social mobility for young people who have already overcame many social barriers.

Demi’s Story

Demi had overcome incredible hardships to get to university, yet there was still risk that financing would become a preventative barrier. We also saw incredible potential in this quiet student.

As part of receiving the Bursary, Demi would volunteer with us, with the aim of supporting her personal development. What we did not foresee was how much she would develop.

By feeling apart of the Bears family, Demi was able to persevere. We look forward to supporting Demi further as she progress with her Degree at Birmingham City University and will continue to mentor her and guide her through her journey, with the ultimate aim of seeing Demi find a great career.

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