How do spectators prove they have had a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test result?

28 June 2021

Once you have conducted your NHS Lateral Flow Test (LFT) within 24 hours of your attendance, all spectators must log their negative result via the website.

You will then receive a text message, email or notification on the NHS app which you will need to present to the stewards on entry.

Attendees are required to order their own test kits. You can order them via the website for free here or pick up your home test kit from your local pharmacy (England only).

Your pack will include seven tests and instructions on how to take the test and record it online.

For instructions on how to take your Lateral Flow Test, click here.

Reporting your LFT results: Once the Rapid LFT has been taken, you MUST report the test result online within 24 hours of completing the test at

You can also report your test results by calling NHS Test & Trace (T&T) helpline: 119